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Results for Race 4, Kalgoorlie, Friday 15/04/2022 (as at 18/04/2022 7:45 AM)

RTG70+, 2-Y-O & UP
Prize Money:Of: $20,000; 1st: $11,600; 2nd: $4,000; 3rd: $1,800; 4th: $800; 5th: $400; 6th: $200; 7th: $200; 8th: $200; 9th: $200; 10th: $200; Jockey and Equine Welfare: $400
Distance and Weight:1100 metres, minimum 54 kg
RBH:ProvB - RTG 70+ Handicap (70+) 70+
WeatherRailCond.Judge NosTimeMarginDividends
Overcast2mGood47 2 4 5 3 01:04:01 (600m: 33:70)Long Head x 1 Length
PlStart PriceHorseBlBrWeightRiderTrainerPlacingMarginTime600m
2 $6.50REBEL YELL 558.5 KAYLA CROSS HELEN HARDING 6 6 0.2 L 01:04:04 33:10
3 $2.80OUR DANNIW456.5 KYRA YUILL PETER FERNIE 5 5 1.2 L 01:04:20 33:37
4 $12PROTECTED ACTIONW156 54 JETT STANLEY ASHLEY GRACE 1 1 1.3 L 01:04:22 33:92
5 $5.50PURE MAGNUS 757 54 CASSEY MARTINAN PETER FERNIE 7 7 1.9 L 01:04:31 33:35
6 $3.70IMAGE KEEPER 354 CHRIS NICOLL BROCK LEWTHWAITE 4 3 2.8 L 01:04:45 33:90
7 $13MAGNIFORCEB261.5 58.5 TAJ DYSON TREVOR TASKER 3 4 4.5 L 01:04:72 34:06

Stewards Comments

71MAGNIFORCERaced keenly through the middle stages and wide from the 700m.
22REBEL YELLHeld up for clear running from on straightening until the 100m.
53PURE MAGNUSRaced wide throughout. Rider reported she was instructed to assess how the gelding commenced to then determine where to settle in running and after commencing only fairly from a wide barrier and with a number of other runners jumping in advance of the gelding, rather than ride her mount along and work hard through the early stages, she elected to obtain cover which resulted in the gelding settling in a rearward position.
34OUR DANNIRaced wide from the 700m and approaching the 600m was steadied when close to heels.
45PROTECTED ACTIONCommenced awkwardly with the rider becoming unbalanced.
66IMAGE KEEPERRider reported the gelding travelled comfortably through the early and middle stages, however, failed to quicken when ridden along in the straight and in his opinion may benefit from the performance racing first up today. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.
17SAUVEGARDEIn relation to the apparent improved performance, trainer advised the mare had a consistent preparation during the Esperance season, and following its unplaced performance at its last start in Esperance on 6 March 2022, she elected to send the mare for a let up and freshen it up and expected a forward showing today.

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