CRIS: Race Results

Results for Race 2, Belmont, Saturday 27/05/2017 (as at 29/05/2017 8:52 AM)

Prize Money:Of: $60,000; 1st: $36,000; 2nd: $12,000; 3rd: $5,400; 4th: $2,400; 5th: $1,200; 6th: $600; 7th: $600; 8th: $600; 9th: $600; 10th: $600
Distance and Weight:1300 metres, minimum 54 kg
WeatherRailCond.Judge NosTimeMarginDividends
FineTrueGood43 5 6 1 2 01:17:07 (600m: 35:36)2 3/4 Length x Head
PlStart PriceHorseBlBrWeightRiderTrainerPlacingMarginTime600m
1 $6.50MINUS LOOKSB*257 PETER HALL STEVE WOLFE 5 4 2 01:17:07 35:01
2 $3.20TOP OF THE CLASSW*456.5 WILLIAM PIKE MICHAEL LANE 3 3 4 2.8 L 01:17:49 35:51
3 $14HUMANITY 555 53 RANDY TAN LINDSEY SMITH 7 6 5 2.8 L 01:17:52 35:21
4 $20ONE SHORTB758 SHAUN MCGRUDDY STEVE WOLFE 8 7 7 4.0 L 01:17:72 35:20
5 $2.70SALORSCI 658 STEVEN PARNHAM JEFF NOSKE 1 1 1 4.3 L 01:17:75 36:04
6 $26MAULDENS MILLW154 JASON WHITING BRUCE KAY 4 5 6 5.8 L 01:17:98 35:71
7 $17HALLDORA 854 PATRICK CARBERY VAUGHN SIGLEY 2 2 3 10.5 L 01:18:74 36:89
8 $6.50STORM DANCERB356.5 TROY TURNER JOHN LUGG 6 8 8 17.3 L 01:19:78 37:09

Stewards Comments

41ONE SHORTSlow into stride.
52SALORSCILay outwards on straightening. Rider reported that the gelding had a tendency to race greenly when leading. Trainer advised that he would issue instructions for the gelding to be ridden further back in the field with cover if possible at its next start as in his opinion this may result in it finishing the race off more positively.
84STORM DANCERSlow into stride, losing one length and was obliged to be hard ridden approaching the 600m in order to remain in contention with the remainder of the field. Rider reported that his mount was fractious in the barriers prior to the start and that it failed to travel strongly at any stage of the event. A post-race Veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer advised that consideration would be given to sending the gelding for a spell and he would have it undergo an endoscopic examination and take blood samples and he would report the findings to the Stewards together with his immedia
25TOP OF THE CLASSIn relation to the filly racing more prominently today, rider advised that he rode his mount more positively from the barriers and as the runner drawn to his immediate inside had not commenced as well as he expected he settled more forward than anticipated. Trainer advised that the filly settled closer than intended and is more suited when able to be ridden further back in the field where it is then better able to finish its race off.
36HUMANITYLay inwards in the straight.

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