Race Results for Western Australian Turf Club, Wednesday 04/05/2022
 Class 3, 2-Y-O & Up 
Weather: FineRail: 15 MetresCondition: Good4
Of: $25,000; 1st: $14,500; 2nd: $5,000; 3rd: $2,250; 4th: $1,000; 5th: $500; 6th: $250; 7th: $250; 8th: $250; 9th: $250; 10th: $250; Jockey and Equine Welfare: $500
1800 Metres  Minimum 55 kg
1$2.90GROUND BRAKERB359.559.5PATRICK CARBERY122101:51:6036:80
2$4.20SHADOW GIRL86060CHRIS PARNHAM55521.6 L01:51:8536:53
3$9.50EGG WHITE46060CLINT JOHNSTON-PORTER44331.8 L01:51:8936:69
4$21TAXIB65552VICTORIA CORVER33441.9 L01:51:9136:86
5$81COTCHIN1158.558.5JOSEPH AZZOPARDI11111053.8 L01:52:2036:46
6$6.50ARNRAYB958.558.5JASON WHITING86664.1 L01:52:2436:94
7$13FLOPPYB55957.5LAQDAR RAMOLY78974.8 L01:52:3636:76
8$26LE GRAND RISQUE1059.559.5TROY TURNER99885.2 L01:52:4236:90
9$17SAVVY DAN25959PAUL HARVEY67798.2 L01:52:8937:39
10$8.50RUN LIKE FIRE (NZ)B15858SHAUN O'DONNELL1010111010.3 L01:53:2337:48
11$101TOP TRADEB*, WX75856KESHAW DHURUN2111113.8 L01:53:7839:19
Judge Nos: 3 2 1 11 8 Time: 01:51:60 (600m: 37:01)

Stewards Comments:
COTCHIN Slow to begin losing 1L. ARNRAY Raced wide throughout. LE GRAND RISQUE Slow to begin losing 1L. SAVVY DAN Steadied outwards from the heels of a tiring runner on straightening. RUN LIKE FIRE A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. TOP TRADE Raced keenly through the early and middle stages. Commenced to yield ground from the 500m. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.