Race Results for Western Australian Turf Club, Saturday 20/11/2021
 LR, 3-Y-O & Up 
Weather: FineRail: 3 MetresCondition: Good4
Of: $125,000; 1st: $72,500; 2nd: $25,000; 3rd: $11,250; 4th: $5,000; 5th: $2,500; 6th: $1,250; 7th: $1,250; 8th: $1,250; 9th: $1,250; 10th: $1,250; Jockey and Equine Welfare: $2,500
1200 Metres 
1$3.10ANGELIC MISS (NZ)B15555CHRIS PARNHAM77101:10:4934:49
2$15SOLAIAB1057.557.5LUCY WARWICK9921.1 L01:10:6734:50
3$9SHEZA CHALMERW1156.556.5PATRICK CARBERY121231.2 L01:10:6734:23
4$41BAM'S ON FIRE135858BRAD PARNHAM131341.3 L01:10:6933:99
5$2.80BRIGHT DIAMOND85555WILLIAM PIKE101051.3 L01:10:7034:46
6$61UNIVERSAL PLEASUREB75555LAQDAR RAMOLY1161.4 L01:10:7135:90
7$9CHANTORQUE456.556.5SHAUN O'DONNELL5671.5 L01:10:7335:02
8$41GUNMETAL GREYB125555CLINT JOHNSTON-PORTER4381.7 L01:10:7535:62
9$12VANE TEMPESTB*95555JADE MCNAUGHT2292.3 L01:10:8635:97
10$81CHILI IS HOT356.556.5JASON WHITING1111103.1 L01:10:9734:63
11$61BEDOUIN BELLEB25555STEVEN PARNHAM65113.8 L01:11:0935:35
12$41CRYPTIC LOVE657.557.5KYRA YUILL88125.5 L01:11:3635:36
13$26TYCOON STORMB*55555JOSEPH AZZOPARDI34136.3 L01:11:4936:38
Judge Nos: 11 3 6 1 9 Time: 01:10:49 (600m: 35:68)

Stewards Comments:
SOLAIA Shifted behind runners in the early stages from its wide barrier. Left racing wide from the 800m. Bumped and became unbalanced near the 70m. SHEZA CHALMER Slipped behind on jumping and then shifted behind runners in the early stages from its wide barrier. Rider reported that due to this incident had got back in the field further than expected. Unable to obtain clear running for the final 200m and was eased from heels near the 150m. BAMS ON FIRE Shifted behind runners in the early stages from its wide barrier. Shifted inwards marginally near the 300m, bumping another runner and becoming unbalanced. Lay inwards in the straight and as a result could not be fully tested over the final stages. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. BRIGHT DIAMOND When closing the race off strongly was held up at the 150m until approaching the 50m and was then crowded and eased. UNIVERSAL PLEASURE Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. VANE TEMPEST Raced fiercely in the early and middle stages, proving difficult to settle. Lay outwards in the straight. CHILI IS HOT Commenced only fairly. Bumped near the 350m. Held up when making ground over the final stages. CRYPTIC LOVE Eased from heels when tiring near the 100m.