Race Results for Western Australian Turf Club, Saturday 07/11/2020
Weather: FineRail: 8 MetresCondition: Good4
Of: $70,000; 1st: $41,300; 2nd: $14,000; 3rd: $6,300; 4th: $2,800; 5th: $1,400; 6th: $700; 7th: $700; 8th: $700; 9th: $700; 10th: $700; Jockey Welfare: $700
1100 Metres 
1$31SIX CARATB*55555CRAIG STAPLES65101:05:6134:84
2$8.50HEAR ME SINGW*15757SHAUN MCGRUDDY3320.7 L01:05:7235:24
3$51GLACIER MISSB*65555JASON WHITING8630.7 L01:05:7234:93
4$6.50GALAXY CATB45555JOSEPH AZZOPARDI2241.5 L01:05:8435:51
5$2.80LIWA25555CHRIS PARNHAM4451.5 L01:05:8435:31
6$8THE LADY IS A VAMP105555JADE MCNAUGHT7762.1 L01:05:9435:06
7$14DIAMOND BLUE135757MITCHELL PATEMAN9972.2 L01:05:9534:89
8$21EXTORIOB115552.5LAQDAR RAMOLY131182.3 L01:05:9734:57
9$8SOCKOFFB*35555BRAD PARNHAM1192.4 L01:05:9835:73
10$41WISE WORDS95555CLINT JOHNSTON-PORTER510103.8 L01:06:2135:35
11$61CROWNED PRINCESSB75555KYRA YUILL108114.2 L01:06:2735:15
12$51HE'S GOLD125757RYAN HILL1212124.5 L01:06:3335:03
13$10LUCKY IN THE WESTB*85757PAUL HARVEY11131314.5 L01:07:9036:59
Judge Nos: 8 2 10 6 11 Time: 01:05:61 (600m: 35:35)

Stewards Comments:
HEAR ME SING Lay outwards over the concluding stages with the rider unable to ride his mount out fully. LIWA A post race veterinary examination revealed the filly to be have mild exertional heat illness for which it was treated. THE LADY IS A VAMP Raced wide throughout. Lay outwards in the straight. DIAMOND BLUE Rider reported the gelding raced greenly throughout. EXTORIO Slow to begin losing 1L. SOCKOFF Struck the outside running rail during its preliminary and underwent a veterinary examination behind the barriers and declared fit to start. Rider advised he struck his right calf and knee during the incident. Lay outwards rounding the home turn. WISE WORDS Raced wide throughout. CROWNED PRINCESS Slow to begin losing 1L. Lay outwards in the straight. HES GOLD Commenced to race keenly before being held tight and steadied passing the 800m. LUCKY IN THE WEST Commenced awkwardly losing 1L. Trainer expressed disappointment in the performance and later advised the colt will now be gelded and given a short let up.