Race Results for Western Australian Turf Club, Wednesday 29/05/2019
 Maiden, 2-Y-O & Up 
Weather: FineRail: 10 MetresCondition: Good4
Of: $16,500; 1st: $9,735; 2nd: $3,300; 3rd: $1,485; 4th: $660; 5th: $330; 6th: $165; 7th: $165; 8th: $165; 9th: $165; 10th: $165; Jockey Welfare: $165
1000 Metres 
1$9OKINA KURIW105856BRODIE KIRBY89100:59:0233:97
2$5.50MEGACHINOW357.557.5PETER HALL5520.1 L00:59:0434:29
3$7.50INDIGO WILD555.555.5WILLIAM PIKE1130.5 L00:59:0934:60
4$2.30FALSE STATEMENTW657.554.5CHLOE AZZOPARDI2240.8 L00:59:1434:63
5$17BLANKENBERGEB155.555.5BEN PATERSON4451.9 L00:59:3234:62
6$41HAMADAB85656JASON WHITING7762.0 L00:59:3434:43
7$10HOTHAM VALLEYB1157.557.5CHRIS PARNHAM9872.2 L00:59:3634:31
8$17SUPER TEROITOABX95858JORDAN TURNER3382.7 L00:59:4434:83
9$101SUNOL455.555.5SHAUN O'DONNELL6695.0 L00:59:8134:96
10$31CATIABX1255.555.5LUCY WARWICK1010106.9 L01:00:1034:84
11$14FIVE STAR KENNY257.557.5JARRAD NOSKE1111119.8 L01:00:5735:00
12$101EMPIRE VALLEY757.555.5KATE WITTEN12121211.8 L01:00:8835:34
Judge Nos: 1 4 11 5 9 Time: 00:59:02 (600m: 34:52)

Stewards Comments:
INDIGO WILD Over raced in the early and middle stages. FALSE STATEMENT Veered outwards at the start. Over raced in the early and middle stages . BLANKENBERGE Blocked for clear running in the straight. HAMADA Blocked for clear running in the straight. SUPER TEROITOA Trainer advised in his opinion the gelding was unsuited by the removal of blinkers and sought and was granted permission to reapply this piece of gear for its immediate racing future. CATIA Raced wide throughout. FIVE STAR KENNY Lay inwards in the straight. A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have an elevated heart rate. Trainer advised the gelding recovered well and he will race it over an increased distance in an endeavour to improve its performance. EMPIRE VALLEY Steadied from heels shortly after the start and lost ground. Lay outwards throughout placing rider at a disadvantage. A post race veterinary examination found nothing amiss. Trainer undertook to monitor its recovery and advise of any abnormalities. Trainer further advised the gelding has since been sent for a spell and would trial prior to racing again.