Race Results for Western Australian Turf Club, Saturday 17/06/2017
Weather: FineRail: 6 MetresCondition: Good4
Of: $60,000; 1st: $36,000; 2nd: $12,000; 3rd: $5,400; 4th: $2,400; 5th: $1,200; 6th: $600; 7th: $600; 8th: $600; 9th: $600; 10th: $600
1000 Metres  Minimum 54 kg
1$9.50BELTERB95757STEVEN PARNHAM555100:58:8134:32
2$5SCALPEL85757AARON MITCHELL22220.8 L00:58:9134:66
3$21HALLDORA355.555.5PATRICK CARBERY33432.0 L00:59:1434:70
4$101BELLA'S KEEPER15454JASON WHITING88642.3 L00:59:1834:50
5$12BOUNCE DOWN254.554.5CHRIS PARNHAM44352.3 L00:59:1834:72
6$13SLIK SAMB757.557.5JOSEPH AZZOPARDI1010862.5 L00:59:1934:32
7$17KRAMDEN55757TROY TURNER11173.0 L00:59:2835:18
8$10IMPERIAL VENUS115553RANDY TAN77784.0 L00:59:4534:79
9$2.80YEAH DARDYB45757WILLIAM PIKE661094.3 L00:59:5034:69
10$9.50I AM INCREDIBLE1055.555.5BRAD PARNHAM999106.0 L00:59:7434:89
11$26STORM DANCERB65858JASON BROWN1111111114.8 L01:01:1335:96
Judge Nos: 3 5 7 11 10 Time: 00:58:81 (600m: 34:71)

Stewards Comments:
BELTER Raced wide throughout. SCALPEL Lay inwards over the final 100m. HALLDORA Held up from on straightening until the 100m. Lay outwards over the final 200m placing its rider at a disadvantage in fully testing his mount over the concluding stages. BELLAS KEEPER Held up for a short distance on straightening and was impeded near the 125m before taken inwards to obtain a clear passage. SLIK SAM Steadied inwards approaching the 400m to avoid the heels of another runner. YEAH DARDY Approaching the 600m began to race ungenerously, lay outwards mis- strode from the heels of another runner becoming unbalanced and lost several lengths. Trainer was advised that the gelding would have to trial to the satisfaction of Stewards before racing again and that she is to continue to engage the services of a senior rider for its future racing. A post race Veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have returned with a laceration to the inside of its off hind heel bulb. I AM INCREDIBLE Commenced awkwardly, losing one length. Over-raced through the early and middle stages. Approaching the 400m was restrained outwards to avoid the heels of another runner and bumped shortly after. STORM DANCER A post race Veterinary examination of the uncompetitive gelding revealed no abnormalities. Trainer was advised that the gelding would have to trial to the satisfaction of Stewards before racing again. Trainer advised that the gelding will now be sent for a spell. Trainer reported that blood samples taken from the gelding revealed it to have a viral infection and he also reconfirmed that it would be sent for a spell.