Race Results for Western Australian Turf Club, Saturday 28/01/2017
Weather: FineRail: TrueCondition: Good4
Of: $60,000; 1st: $36,000; 2nd: $12,000; 3rd: $5,400; 4th: $2,400; 5th: $1,200; 6th: $600; 7th: $600; 8th: $600; 9th: $600; 10th: $600
1000 Metres  Minimum 54 kg
1$5DAINTY TESS659.556.5SARAH BONNER111100:58:8233:84
2$7.50GEE BOSS758.555.5TAYLA STONE22220.3 L00:58:8433:79
3$7.50SPEEDING COMETB35757PETER KNUCKEY33331.0 L00:58:9733:74
4$1.85UNDISCLOSEDB45555TROY TURNER44441.8 L00:59:0833:81
5$17MANTIME25555JOSEPH AZZOPARDI77752.8 L00:59:2633:66
6$6SLIK SAMB55755.5AARON MITCHELL66665.0 L00:59:6234:16
7$31INVINCIBLE MODEB15654.5CLINT JOHNSTON-PORTER55575.3 L00:59:6334:17
Judge Nos: 1 2 3 6 7 Time: 00:58:82 (600m: 33:84)

Stewards Comments:
UNDISCLOSED Commenced awkwardly. A post-race Veterinary examination of the filly revealed it to have returned with a small self-inflicted abrasion to the off hind and mildly lame in the near hind and low grade exertional heat illness. Trainer advised he will monitor its recovery and advise Stewards of any findings. Trainer advised that the filly had recovered well following the exertional heat illness and that he would now continue with the filly's preparation. MANTIME Steadied when improving onto heels approaching the 700m. Steadied outwards across heels rounding the home turn. SLIK SAM Raced wide and had a tendency to lay outwards throughout. INVINCIBLE MODE Commenced awkwardly and lost one length. Raced erratically through the early and middle stages having to be steadied when improving onto heels passing the 800m getting its head in the air and shortly after was continually restrained when racing close to heels and despite the efforts of its rider, improved onto the heels of another runner and blundered approaching the 700m unbalancing its rider. Trainer was advised that due the gelding's racing manner it must trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again and that he must engage the services of a senior rider.